Cyber Quest

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Arizona's Leadership Perspective on NACRA Cyber Quest 2020

Greater Phoenix Chamber

Arizona Commerce Authority

Arizona Technology Council

Range Familiarity/ Workshops


  • 10/5 Merit Range 'Capture the Flag' Competition

  • 10/14 Cisco Threat Hunting Workshop [Hands-On Keyboard]

  • 10/10 ABL Range Familiarization

[Mandatory Range Familiarization for any 10/24 ABL Event Registrants--If registered for 10/24 event you will be registered automatically for 10/10 familiarization]
  • 10/17 Cyberbit Range Intro (2)

[Mandatory Familiarization for any 10/24 Cyberbit Event Registrants--If registered for 10/24 events you will be registered automatically for 10/17 familiarization]]

Basic (Beginner)
Range Challenge

10/24 Main Event

  • ABL Basic Workshops (2) *

  • Cyberbit Basic Range
    Challenge (1) *

* Mandatory advance Range familiarization for any 10/24 ABL or Cyberbit event respectively, requires participation in the ABL 10/10 workshop or the Cyberbit 10/17 workshop--upon acceptance for 10/24 ABL or Cyberbit events you are automatically registered in one of these Saturday workshops

Intermediate Range Challenge

10/24 Main Event

  • Cyberbit Intermediate Range Challenge (2) *

Range Challenge

10/24 Main Event

  • Cyberbit Advanced Range (4) *

Click these logos to get a sense of the NACRA Preferred Range capabilities that support the individual virtual events:

All Event Winners will be prominently recognized shortly after each event, visit NACRA'S MAIN WEBSITE to view the results of the competition!

During October 2020, the North American Cyber Range Alliance (NACRA) will challenge those who SCORE A SEAT [All Seats are FREE] to participate in one or more NACRA Cyber Quest 2020 events [14 Virtual Events on 6 different ranges, offering 372 'Hands-On Experiences' supporting 222 Individual On-Keyboard Participants during October]. SAVE THE DATES, registration for a chance to participate in NACRA Cyber Quest 2020 events, formally opens on 9/1!

Everyone is eligible to participate, including those in higher education, business/public professional practitioners, invited guests and the the community. This live virtual range experience is made possible through 'Participating NACRA Organizations', and NACRA's 'Preferred Range Partners'.

To register for a chance to score a seat in one or more events, go to NACRA Cyber Quest 2020 after 9/1, or for more information on the NACRA Alliance visit NACRA!

Due to COVID-19 physical access to NACRA Participant Organization's individual range locations and available programs varies based on the institution, check with the NACRA Organizations directly to see when sites become physcially accessible!

NACRA Alliance Participant Organizations

NACRA Preferred Ranges